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"Working with Tom has been great. He truly knows his technology. After just some of the initial steps of optimizing my site, it appeared on the first page of Google under several of my different keywords! He is easy to work with, reliable and has high levels of integrity in all he does. I strongly recommend working with Tom to increase the traffic to your site and thus expanding your success!"

Michele Molitor

Search Engine Optimization

Get Your "Google" On!

Most of us are very familiar with Google as the search engine. We all use it every day to search for answers to problems we have, look for products or services, or do research on something we're interested in.

Unfortunately, for most people, getting to the top of the search engines feels like a completely mysterious process. There is so much misinformation available, it's hard to know what's right and what's complete nonsense.

The reality is that getting to the top of Google isn't rocket science! You have lots of opportunities to get to the top, dominate your competition, and get people into your website - all just by making some changes to your website.

The Search Engine Problem

Many of our clients tell us that they want to be number one on the search engines for certain phrases, called keywords. Often these keywords are extremely competitive or may be single word phrases for which competition is impossibly high.

Furthermore, their websites have built-in problems that prevent them showing up at all. It could be the coding structure, or a variety of other problems that hinder their ability to get to the top

Website Search Engine Readiness

The very first thing you must do when considering search engine optimization to market your business is to find out where you are now. Just like going to the doctor, you must get a thorough analysis performed to see where the problems lie.

We've looked at thousands of websites, and we've narrowed it down to a list of about 25 factors that typically hinder most websites. Almost every single website we look at has at least a dozen problems, sometimes more.

Keyword Research

The next step in a systematic search engine optimization process is to perform keyword analysis. If you're trying to get listed for phrases that have too much competition or too little search volume, you'll be shooting in the dark. This wastes money and time.

Instead, taking an analytical approach to what people actually search for makes your job a lot easier. We'll help you figure out what your target market is, what those people really search for, and identify opportunities that most professional SEO companies miss.

This is far more strategic and efficient.

Get Started With an Analysis

Find out what your search engine readiness is, and what keywords people really search for:

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